Adventure Tour Videos

Adventure tour video add-on
Personalized Adventure Tour video. We are working with motorsports film maker Karl Edwards along with his resources at KE Motion Pictures to capture and deliver your very own personalized adventure tour videos, documenting elements of your experiences. The ups and the downs! You can now have your tour documented with the skills of a professionally trained guide and experienced cameraman who has filmed documentaries well versed with riding the Arabian terrain. Have Karl Edwards & Co on the tour documenting your experience and he will produce your very own action packed video featuring you and your companions on DVD.

Replay your experience again and again

After your time, here is complete, there is no better way to share your experience and memory other than a professionally produced Adventure Tour video.  Share the online video version with your social media friends on FaceBook, YouTube and Instagram.  No one else is offering this opportunity! It is a one of a kind service and to really pull back on the throttle, we will capture photos of your experience as a bonus.  A   truly one of a  kind adventure tour package.

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