Summer nights – Mountains, Wadis and more!

Summer in Dubai is hot, so for us die hard riders, we either ride early mornings or late afternoons.

This time we where tasked with a custom tour, to head to the mountains and head for cooler temperatures, at higher altitudes and at night time. Knowing vast and experienced routes in the mountains we could not say no.

We ventured into the mountains, which believe it or not is only a 30 min drive from our base in Al Badayer. Exploring the Hajjar mountains is always a great experience. We were presently surprised to find the wadis wet and some rock pools still flowing. Dams where full, showing signs of recent rain in the area. Perhaps cloud seeding??

At around midnight we paused the trip to start a fire and kick of a south African Braai (Because BBQ is a spice).  As we sat in absolute silence and darkness only having light from our fire, we could not stop to think that we are still in the middle of summer and we are able to experience the great outdoors.

Epic routes are to be found when you venture off the beaten path and look for the real adventure.
Ask us about our custom tours. Either join us with your own vehicle or rent one of ours. Adventure is out there all year round!

Big Red Adventure Tours – Creating memories and Epic experiences, not just tours.


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