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While other companies will talk about what they do, at Big Red Adventure Tours, we’d like to focus on why we do what we do. It’s simple really – because we love the desert! And it’s because of this reason, that we’re now the leading adventure tour operator in the UAE.
We live, breathe and thrive on adrenaline. That’s why we’re passionate about letting loose and sharing that passion with our clients.

By taking travelers on a wild journey through the expanses of the desert, Big Red gives people incredible holiday memories that will last a lifetime. We offer people the chance to see the real UAE – away from the lights and sounds of the city. And we’re honored that we get to take our overseas clientele to places they may have only ever dreamed about exploring.

At Big Red Adventure Tours, we genuinely believe that Dubai is a lifestyle. And a lifestyle that we are thrilled to offer you.
That right there is our WHY. Get in touch with Big Red today and join us on our next adventure!

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Our Team

Introducing the BIG RED Team

  • anneke
    anneke Operations manager
  • shamiso
    shamiso Sales agent
  • bianca
    bianca Junior office staff/booking agent
  • nadine
    nadine Junior office staff/booking agent
  • jessica
    jessica Senior office staff/supervisor
  • chad
    chad Chief Operations Officer
  • damo
    damo Head senior tour guide
  • donovan
    donovan Senior tour guide
  • greg
    greg Senior tour guide
  • Tersius
    Tersius Junior tour guide
  • armand
    armand Junior tour guide
  • jamie
    jamie Senior tour guide
  • justin
    justin Junior tour guide
  • quintin
    quintin Junior tour guide
  • roald
    roald Junior supervisor
  • ryan
    ryan Senior supervisor
  • ifti
    ifti Senior recovery driver
  • nassir
    nassir Head senior mechanic
  • asad
    asad General assistance/landscaping
  • shazad
    shazad Senior recovery driver
  • ali
    ali Senior recovery driver
  • libirty
  • mike
    mike Senior mechanic
  • nadeem
    nadeem Chief maintenance officer


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Questions that we are frequently asked

What exactly is a guided tour?

A guided tour means that all ours tours are led by professional tour guides, on the same mode of transport you are touring on. It’s the tour guides job to lead you along the way and show you the route.

Do I need a motorbike License?

No, our tours are all off-road desert tours. No licence is required.

Do you do hotel pick up and drop off?

Yes, we offer hotel pick up and drop off. Follow the prompts when making a reservation, the system will ask you if you would like to be collected.

What happens if my motorcycle or buggy breaks down?

It doesn’t happen often, because the motorcycles we use are less than 1-years old, professionally maintained with routine inspections, and of course KTM motorcycles are well-known for their incredible durability. The support vehicle will be equipped with tools and some of the more “obvious” parts and things necessary to keep a motorcycle running safely. The recovery vehicle will locate us, if there is a problem and come out to help us.

What level of riding ability do I need to participate ride in a tour?

The answer varies between the many options we proudly offer, and it is difficult to summarize in a few words. The bare minimum we require for our 2-hour beginner’s introduction tour is that tour participants have throttle and clutch control nailed with a few off-road experiences. Any tour longer than 2 hours is suited towards more experienced riders who are quite comfortable around motorcycles and their controls and riding in difficult terrain.

Take a look at each tour package and you’ll see a basic description of the terrain, duration, typical weather, hours of riding each day, and be sure to start a conversation with us so we can help determine if you’re ready for the ride in mind. Your safety and enjoyment are top priorities for us, so let’s make sure you’re choosing a trip you’re ready for! When in doubt, start a conversation with us about your interests, experience, etc… and we can help make sure you are “fit” for the RIDE ahead.

What’s included in our guided tours? Do I need to bring my own gear?

We provide everything for you, all we suggest you bring is a long pair of socks and an adventurous spirit.

  • RIDER KIT – Helmet, Shirt, Pants, Boots, Gloves, Goggles, Body Armour.
  • HYDRATION PACK – Filled with water.
I don't know how to ride a motorcycle but I would love to learn. Can you teach me?

Yes, we offer training packages and have taught many people how to ride a motorcycle in the past. Please contact us directly and we will discuss our training packages with you.

Who can ride a Dune Buggy?

Anyone over the age of 16 can drive a Dune Buggy. Our Dune Buggy’s are automatic, so there is no skill set needed to drive one.

Are your Quad Bike tours in a confined designated area?

None of our tours are in a confined designated area. All our tours are led by professional tour guides who lead you through the great dunes and desert of the UAE directly in contact with mother nature.

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