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Now anyone can experience the thrill of riding through the dessert on our guided off-road Polaris Buggy tours. With automatic gearboxes and 4 wheel drive, riding in the dunes could not get any easier. Bring a friend, make them your passenger, and together you guys will experience one heck of an adventure! Our tours are meant to keep you safe and controlled, and thus we only offer guided tours – don’t worry there will still be plenty of thrill, speed and excitement. Enjoy The Best Dune Buggy Dubai Adventure!

Our Tour Options include: a 1 Hour Desert Introduction Tour, a 2 Hour Desert Explorer Tour, and a Full Day Desert Explorer Tour. See our tours listed below to discover more about what each tour offers. Also Check Our Quad Biking Tours Tours

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POLARIS XP 1000 (Dune Buggies)

Best DUBAI riding location – Big Red Dune

Global languages spoken

Best skilled & trained tour guides & instructors

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