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Quad Bike Dubai Adventure


Drive your own automatic quad bike Dubai (ATV) through the best desert area. Riding through top tourist attractions and the biggest dunes in Dubai.

Our tours are meant to keep you safe and controlled, thus we only offer guided tours, don’t worry there will still be plenty of speed, excitement and thrills. We provide you with the quad biking, equipment and all the gear – no need to bring anything. On tour you will get to view a few iconic sites within the UAE, namely: Fossil Rock, Big Red Dune (the greatest dune in UAE), Pink Rock etc…

See the most spectacular locations of the Dubai desert from a quad bike Dubai (ATV). The best Quad Biking Dubai Tours. For more information click here. Also Check our Dune Buggy Dubai Rides.

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High quality automatic quad bike (ATV)

Best DUBAI riding location - Big Red Dune

Global languages spoken

Best skilled & trained tour guides & instructors

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